Belle Boyd : Paving The Way For Women Essay example

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Belle Boyd: Paving the Way for Women for Centuries to Come “Perhaps Miss Boyd wasn’t beautiful, or as beautiful, physically, as some other women, yet there was something beautiful about her… something a man never forgot,” (Snow 90). Maria Isabella Boyd, was one of the most prominent spies for the Confederates during the Civil War. Although Miss Boyd was very young when she started her spying career, she was nothing short of a reputable spy. Throughout Boyd’s life, living as a spy, she was arrested a total of about seven times, but was only incarcerated twice. Boyd may not be the most appropriate model for young women today, but she helped her fellow Confederates in what they might have considered the most important ways. Belle Boyd was one of the most notorious spies during the Civil War era, not only because she was very young, but because of her beauty and wisdom, which illustrates that women too, were also very important figures in the nineteenth century. Boyd began her spying career at only the age of seventeen, the age at which teens today are living their lives to the fullest and not giving a care in the world. Like most people, there is a significant event that might spike an interest for a certain occupation or career, and Boyd was no exception. At the beginning of the Civil War, 1861, the Boyd family residence was being invaded by drunken, demanding, Union soldiers. In the city of Martinsburg, Virginia, a city normally filled with Union supporters, sat the Boyd’s…

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