Bell Witch Research Paper

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“Over the next three years someone tormented members of the Bell family.”John and his daughter get the worst treatment. She did her best to make the bell family suffer.The Bell Witch was always thought as a mystery, but eventually the mystery evolved into a story, then became a real legend.

The "bell witch" was always thought as a mystery ever since people heard about it.People didn’t really think that the "bell witch" was real. No matter what the bell family said the witch was said to just a mystery. Because no one really knew if she was real or not.“He invited Mr and Mrs Johnson to spend the night. After several nights of witnessing these strange things, Mr. Johnson suggested that more people should be told. And a committee was formed and an investigation started. Some members of the family began seeing strange looking animals around the property. Then late at night they started hearing knocking sounds on
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People slowly began to believe the bell family. But they didn’t believe them completely. “When asked who and what it was, it gave different identities. It once stated that it was the witch of a neighbor woman named Kate Batts.” She used to come out, so the people gave it a name from one of it’s identities “Kate the Bell Witch”. It seemed that Kate had two main reasons for visiting the Bell home. The main one was to kill John Bell. For what reason no one knows because Kate never gave a reason why. The other reason was to stop john’s daughter from marrying a certain boy named Joshua Gardner. It was not long before people were coming from miles around to hear and witness this unseen force that was terrorizing the Bell home. Before long this unseen force had gained enough strength that it now had a voice.(“Bell Witch Cave: Adams Tennessee 5”) Because the people didn’t believe the family completely so the family had to suffer a lot. Now what will the bell witch do to the family of the

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