Being Wrong By Kathryn Schulz Essay

822 Words Sep 23rd, 2014 4 Pages
Beliefs are constructed by our surrenders, events and teachings. But, the beliefs are based in what we want, and what the instincts feels is right. That is how we gather evidence, by our beliefs we decide what evidence to get and put on our mind, and that is how we ended making conclusions. We make conclusion every day all day, we come to conclusions before making a decision, and specially, when we try to prove a point. Every conclusion we make is not randomly done, or carefully thought, but is a natural human thing, our brain gets the evidence that more comfortably makes it or us feel good. It sound weird, right? You are probably are wondering, how can we choose what evidence to get, if to make a conclusion you see the right and the wrong. Well, in the book, “Being Wrong,” Kathryn Schulz the author, explain how we altered what evidence to get, and she does not only explain the alteration of evidence, but she also says how we come up with conclusions thinking we are right, but, is more likely to be wrong because of the alteration of the evidences. And, all of this is just because the fact of being wrong is a untasty sentences for our palate. Being wrong is bad, or is it just wrong. is it really wrong something bad? When you realize that you are wrong, it makes you feel low, dreadful, and embarrassing. Society has train us to think that being wrong, means that there is something wrong with us. But, when you are wrong you are just wrong, the moment that you realize that…

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