Essay Being Treated Is Necessary For Health Care Professionals

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Patients who sense this feeling of disapproval or discrimination do not make the easiest of patients to treat; the patient’s eventual discontentment and mistrust feeds into the provider’s stereotypical attitude regarding the patient which leads to further biased treatments. This produces a cycle of repetitiveness which has the greater chance of ending when the provider is becomes aware of his/her own biases. To help control this feedback loop, the employment of more healthcare professionals which represent the community of the patients being treated is necessary. To better understand this concept one can draw from a recent report from the Sullivan Commission that shows 25 percent of the nation’s population are minorities (African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans); however, there’s only about 9 percent that are nurses and only 6 percent that are physicians. The dentistry profession brings up the rear with only 5 percent of its dentist being of minority background (Harris, 2010). The Sullivan Commission also claimed that minorities represent less than 10 percent of all individual teaching as nursing instructors with 8.6 percent representing dental schools and just 4.2 percent teaching in medical school. Referencing the reported statistics conducted by the Sullivan Commission, the outlook for increase minority professionals within the health profession doesn’t look as promising as needed in order to help eliminate healthcare disparities.
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