Essay On Hypertension And African Americans

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Recent studies have made health care providers aware of the fact that there is a difference in hypertension between European Americans and African Americans. The question that really has to be answered is why this disparity arises in the United States population. Some believe it is a biological difference between Blacks and whites, while others claim that it stems from a general racism in the medical community, preventing African Americans to receive proper care and education on the subject of hypertension. Regardless of the cause of the disparity, hypertension is associated with shortened life spans, increased incidence of Coronary artery disease, cerebral vascular accidents, diabetes mellitus and other cardiovascular complications.
Incidence in the US
Overall, 6% more African Americans have hypertension than whites. This disparity reaches even greater ranges in inner cities, where almost 15% more blacks are diagnosed with hypertension than whites. Many of the blacks have unregulated hypertension, due to a smaller prevalence of
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Bachhuber et. Al conducted a survey of blacks to determine if they felt as though they have been discriminated against. Out of 248 respondents 8.1% stated that they felt a doctor or medical staff member treated them unfairly because of their race or ethnic background. 13.3% of the respondents believe that they had experienced a time when they would have gotten medical care if they were of a different race. Out of these people who believed they were discriminated against, the vast majority of them utilized public health insurance. Bachhhuber calls for more research into discrimination of those on public healthcare versus private. Until further studies take place it will be impossible to know if sub par care come from a racist staff or a prejudice against those carrying public

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