Being The Only Girl And First Born I Was Spoiled Essay

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Being the only girl and first born I was spoiled but not so much that it ruined me. But I was never satisfied with being the only girl, because I never got the chance at the whole “sisterly bond” thing and I thought thats was how to be a great sister. I wasn’t happy with God’s decision, and there used to be times I would sit on my grandmother 's lap and ask “Why didn’t God give me a sister?”, My grandmother would tell me “God did give you sister’s but, because he knows everything he knew you would need brothers in future. So he took your sisters and turned them into sand and made room for your brothers” At the time I wasn’t aware my grandma was telling me that my mom had miscarriages with all the girl’s, and only the boy’s made it. But having three little brothers isn’t as bad as I thought, so far.
Our dad was never around meaning, he literally wasn’t in our lives at all unless instructed by court papers. So my mom was mom and dad,she’s always been strong, independent, and successful. With my mom being gone all the time working, I as the oldest had to step up and mature quickly. I learned how to cook, clean, study, and watch three younger boys and teach them at the same. My brothers are: Cedric he’s the quiet one, but we use to be super close he’s 17, then Mekhi he can be the strict one at times he 's 14, and then Elijah he’s the biggest and tallest of all of us he’s 13 and towers over me. These’s are the three that made it, and even though they aren 't girls they still…

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