Essay about Being The Minorities On The Social Ladder

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Immigrants, being the minorities on the social ladder, face many horrible working and living conditions. When Jurgis and his family reach America their first priority is to find a job. Chicago was known for its meat packing industry, so Jurgis and others in his family find work in the slaughterhouses. The descriptions of theses packingtown factories are appalling and disgusting. Men and women work all day, everyday in the worst conditions possible. The immigrants dreams of a cheerful life were haunted by the work they had to do to survive. Jurgis described the factory where “ and women worked here in the midst of a sickening stench, which caused the visitors to hasten by, gasping” (Sinclair 39). The disgust was everywhere; on the floors, on the walls, and even in the air. Many are shocked by the setting, but nothing is done to fix the problems. Workers continue on with their disturbing jobs because they believe it will get better. They hope that one day there American Dream will come true after all. Sinclair uses the novel to portrays these ghastly scenes that no one will forget, "his writing left nothing to the imagination, detailing in page after page the wretched working conditions faced by poor laborers who spent their lives mired in the waste and blood flowing through the factory floors" (Sougstad). He wants the nation to know what is happening to these poor immigrants. Their lower social identity puts them at the bottom of the ranks. They are given the worst…

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