Being Mary Jane Essay

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In this paper, I am focusing on the hit show television BET show called Being Mary Jane. Gabrielle Union who is Portraying as, Mary Jane Patterson, born as Pauletta Patterson in Atlanta, Ga. Mary Jane is a successful black woman, in her field as television news anchor on Primetime. Mary Jane is closely connected with her family, but has a hard time finding true love. She struggles day to day with outside obstacles that sometimes affects her workplace. But she manages to balance her life between her family and her personal life. The two episodes I plan to discuss in my topic is Season 2 Episode 3 -Mary Jane Knows Best and Season 2 Episode 4 - Sleepless in Atlanta. The Workplace features I plan to specifically analyze is at Mary Janes house …show more content…
Though she is a successful black woman who lives in Atlanta, Ga, working as an Anchor at Primetime television. She is also a loving Aunt. Mary Jane does know best especially for her niece, Niecey who is now living with her in this episode. The episode first takes place, when Mary Jane arrives home from work. She come to find out her Spanish maid Velma, finds junk food underneath Niecey bed. Mary Jane is disturbed and later talks to Niecey about her bad habits of her poor choice of eating and being overweight. While Mary Jane is giving her a Martin Luther King speech, Niecey is starting to feel pressure about her aunt’s thoughts on her losing weight faster. Niecey denies the food and claims that it’s for her son, so that he won’t be able to run around the house at night due to Mary Jane’s house rules. Mary Jane is like Niecy life coach and personal trainer. She begins to prep Niecey for change on her dieting skills, together they begin to take early morning walks into the park. Mary Jane teaches Niecey how to cook healthy foods, she challenges Niecey to drink more daily water, though Niecey hates the taste of water. The stress from her personal life relates to her job at Primetime. Continuously, Mary Jane deal with the fact of her boss

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