Being Given The Opportunity For Interview An Individual Essay

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Being given the opportunity to interview an individual and ask questions that reveal their personal attachments to their cultural identity, I knew the perfect person to select. Having the privilege of working within a very diverse Jr. high school in the local school district has allowed me to work alongside many well educated professionals who are also very diverse, and offer themselves on a deeper level to the students they assist. For my interview I chose an educator who I encounter on a daily basis in the Special Education Department. Maureen Ieta has worked for the school district for 25years. Maureen is an individual that I feel puts all of her heart and soul into the students she comes in contact with and before long a nurturing connection is made. To give more insight to the person Maureen is, and why I was interested in her cultural identity, I want to share a particular incident that allows one to fully comprehend the foundation of who she is. Maureen decided many years ago to become an educator with the goal set in place that she would make a difference in the life of a child, and from what I have witnessed in the small amount of time I have had the pleasure of knowing Maureen, she has accomplished her goal more than once in her lifetime. Our school is considered an inner city school and our student body consists of many students new to the United States and our customs. One policy in particular requires the boys’ basketball team to dress in a shirt and tie on…

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