Essay about Being Gay Is A Choice

1293 Words May 8th, 2015 null Page
“Being gay is a choice” is a phrase that is often used by right-wing conservatives, but what if it isn’t so. Is it possible that the “gay gene” that causes humans to have same sex attraction exists in conjunction with pheromones? It is possible for there to be some genetic factor with pheromones that causes homosexuality at a minor scale compared to heterosexuality. Pheromones in humans have long been a mysterious concept with little evidence to prove, although it is present in other animals of the animal kingdom. Discovering if the “gay gene” actually exist in conjunction with pheromones would be fundamental to society because it would help ease discrimination on those of the LGBT community by providing scientific proof that being gay is not a choice.
In the animal kingdom, insects and mammals secrete pheromones in order to mate. Although we know certain animals do secrete pheromones, it is unsure if we do. Pheromone is a chemical messenger which is received from outside of the body and has an effect on hormone levels and behaviors. Many studies have been done that proposes the human olfactory, sense of smell, perceives certain pheromones that may play a role in reproduction/mating (Taymour 1). Due to the fact that humans are less instinctual and more logical, it’s hard to prove that we act on pheromones. However this research is assuming that pheromones are present and secreted in Homo sapiens. Since there is a chemical that makes people attracted to certain individuals…

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