Essay about Being Detached Form Society : Detachment

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The writers of this article stared off by trying to better understand the idea of being detached form society. They feel that detachment is a sign of an impairment that makes it hard for the individual to feel connected with the environment or to properly explain their feelings. There are two distinct hypothesis formed about detachment. The first one is that the individual has an inability to depend on others or ask for help under a stressful situation which is known as dysfunctional detachment. The second is called adaptive detachment and the individual is able to be more goal oriented while still connecting with others. If college kids had adaptive attachment there would be a lower rate of anxiety disorders even if there were a bunch of day to day stressors. With dysfunctional detachment the anxiety levels are high because the college kids feel like they are drowning and can’t ask for help.
The method used was a series of surveys that found out exactly how each person reacts and handles the daily stressors that are thrown their way, found out any anxiety symptoms already present, and correlations in adaptive detachments.
The studies showed that the college students with High Adaptive detachment had an unchanging level of anxiety no matter the daily stressor, but the students with Low Adaptive detachments had low anxiety with no stressor and high anxiety with lots of stressors.

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