Being Charged With A Crime Essay

759 Words Oct 10th, 2014 4 Pages
Being charged with a crime is always a serious matter, today you hear a lot about individuals taking their employers to court over multi-million dollar lawsuits, with the accusations being discrimination. Thousands of lawsuits are filed each year against corporations and franchises for a wide array of accusations winding around discrimination of sexual orientation, religion, race and gender. Payouts have been forced upon corporations after investigations determined that co-workers and management teams in fact discriminated against employees. Media attention during court hearings and settlement agreements is always harsh. During this time many other allegations are made aware to other victims, knowing that there are people they can relate with during such a difficult time. No business wants negative PR, in which makes for a quick settlement between the victims and legal representatives of the company. Business integrity is important, disrespect against an employee over a ridiculous but serious act of stupidity, which is also illegal. The problem here is more of a lack of “open-mindedness” from being raised in a less accepting environment, that’s my personal thought. Most companies and corporations have franchises within their industry that are the main focus for their product. Whether it is a restaurant chain, or clothing store, the establishment has to be run by employees. Some employees are transferred from other well-situated stores and locations to the new site, and some…

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