Being Bullied Changes You As A Person Essays

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Being bullied changes you as a person. Sometimes this is a bad change, sometimes it is a good change. After being bullied, I feel as if I have changed for the better. After being bullied you learn valuable things about people. Looking back on the event, I can see why my bully did it. Everybody wants attention, everybody wants to feel needed, and everybody wants to feel included. Some people just find a bad way to get it; any attention is still attention whether it is negative or positive.
Before all this happened I was happy. I loved going to school, I had good teachers and I loved seeing my friends. I didn’t have a problem in the world. Besides how many problems could a nine or ten year old have? I had a lot despite this assumption.
It all started in grade four. My best friend and I started getting into more and more serious arguments lasting longer and longer. I didn’t think that a few disagreements would lead to bullying, since we usually became friends again by the weekend. However, we didn’t see each that much over the summer because she went on vacations and rep baseball away tournaments. We still hung out a little bit when we could. She still came to my birthday party in September. It wasn’t until October of grade five that things started to get bad. We had always been the more popular girls in our class up to that point. But now there was a new girl in our class that was gaining popularity. I am guessing it bothered her more than it did me because she started to…

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