Being Black in America Essay

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Being Black In America
Being black in America differs from each person experience in mainstream America. Booker T. Washington was brought up with a different upbringing then most slaves during the 1800s; as he would describe as “up from slavery”. Even though he was born a slave, he had a better chance of “equal access” and equality in main stream America. He had a chance to gain an education part time during his younger years as well as working. Booker T, believed the best way to ensure progress and peace was,”for the whites to respect the blacks desire for improved economic opportunities and for blacks to respect the whites desire for social separation of the races.” I agree with this ideology because everyone was getting a piece of
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Booker was trying to make the white folks happy, by telling us, blacks to work with our hands. Booker T, in my opinion did not support being black in America. He wanted us to just work, work and work harder, using our skills to find self-filament and not speaking up for what we really wanted. “Casting your buckets where they are” was a major limitation and set back, ok we work hard, but we still are not getting that position at the CEO office that we truly want because we are ignorant to the knowledge needed for that position. Booker T Washington really did not protest, and challenge the political system like other leaders. He did not speak about the lack of social equality that we suffered from. He chose to concentrate on what blacks could accomplish, by focusing on learning with our hands. He also felt the militant mindset distracted “his people” from the the path to prosperity through economic success. The way he supported being black by the helping creating the first intuition for African Americans. After witnessing racial segregation and un-equal opportunities W.E.B. Dubois deciding to dedicate his life to the teachings and speaking of equality for us blacks. Since, leaders before him where afraid to speak up. W.E.B. Dubois was more a realist, he didn’t sugar code anything for anyone. He was straight to the point and was always opposite of what Booker T. Washington and what he thought black America should be. He believed that reading and

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