Essay Being An Atheist : The Existence Of God

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On Being an Atheist
The existence of God is an ongoing argument between the atheist and the Christian. While the atheist needs undeniable proof that there is in fact an intelligent being that is causally necessary for the existence of everything on earth, Christians argue that one hundred percent certainty may not be possible. Foreman offers four ways to approach this argument: the existence of God is the best explanation for certain effects in the world, we may need to offer more than one argument in order to make our case for God’s existence, it is possible that we are wrong and that a defeater could cause us to adjust our argument, and that we are arguing for the characteristics of the being of God and not necessarily the character God of the Bible. I think that McCloskey is too rigid in his quest to ‘prove’ God’s existence. Foreman using the example of a black hole as an example of the best explanation conclusion, he states that scientists consider the existence of a black hole based on the effects present in space. I wonder if McCloskey would acknowledge this ‘proof’ of the black hole more readily than the existence of God.

McCloskey’s view that “the existence of the world does not constitute a reason for believing in” (McCloskey 63) a necessary being, in my opinion, demonstrates his lack of confidence in his argument. For the atheist, acknowledging the possibility of a necessary being that is the ultimate cause for the universe would suggest that they do, in…

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