Being A Survivor Or Role Model Essay

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According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network show “Every two minutes in the United States, someone is raped, and the chances of being that victim are four times greater for a female college student” (Burnett et. al, 2009). Many times men like to label women with derogatory names such as slut, bitch and at times even being known as easy. Instead, women should be praised for being a survivor or role model after being a victim from a sexual assault such as rape. So what causes rape you may ask? It seems to be the result of lack of morals and proper education which should be taught if not. Colleges are the number one location sexual assault takes place and this is why our society must take action. One of many solutions would be to push for the requirement of a class that would educated the student population of the causes and effects of rape. Hopefully, these teachings will show young men and women the importance of values in our world and make them rethink any situation they could potentially be in. Not only will this benefit our generation now but also would allow us to teach the future generations.
Rape myths as defined by Lonsway and Fitzgerald “false but persistent beliefs and stereotypes regarding forced sexual intercourse and the victims and perpetrators of such acts” (Lonsway & Fitzgerald, 1994, cited in Kahlor & Eastin, 2011). Others have the belief that women who act or dress in a un classy manner are just asking for trouble from men or even start to…

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