Inventory To Prevent Rape

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When reading an article that starts talking about a possible accessory to help prevent rape, I became very interested. As I kept reading the article the author started contradicting herself and bashing on the minute accessory that could save a life. Kerby may not think that a color changing nail polish is a reasonable way to prevent rape, but how could you not? How is something that is so small and so powerful not a reasonable thing to wear to save a life. I believe that we live in a time where technology can be used to prevent sexual assault. Let us begin with how this nail polish works. The nail polish is formulated to react with the date rape drug that could be laced in your drink. All you have to do is put the nail polish on a stir your …show more content…
In colleges and universities you have most of your student population living on the campus. Weekend parties, they happen, drinking too much, it happens, drunk sex, that goes along with parties and drinking. If you ca not control yourself with your intake of alcohol then do not go to the party or moderate and have a friend go with you to make sure you are okay and not being assaulted. If you go to a big campus such as Purdue West Lafayette or IU Bloomington you have a ton of fraternities and sororities that have parties on top of parties. Not only is there drinking but you will also have drugs. The article states that alcohol is being the primary way of women being assaulted. What people do not understand is that drugs and the manipulative ability of any woman or man could make assault more prominent. The schools could take control of these problems by sending undercover police officers to the parties to keep the parties to a minimum. The colleges and universities could have a much more strict discipline policy for these acts of assault for a woman or man. “….their disciplinary proceedings where expulsion becomes a possibility for perpetrators of sexual assault.”

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