Essay on Being A School Leader With Hernando County

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1. Why, specifically, are you interested in being a school leader with Hernando County? I have had the privilege of calling Hernando County my home for the last 15 years. Education has always been my passion; therefore, I receiving my Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Student Education with Reading and ESOL endorsement. I have worked in Hernando County School district for 3 years. I have had a desire since I have been little to be an instructional leader. I went on to pursue my Masters in Educational Leadership. I will be graduating in August 2016. I have been honored to work in West Hernando Middle School, Winding Waters K8, and currently working at Challenger K8. Each school has a unique personality that promotes community and student achievement. I love being a part of Hernando County, the growth and investment in the future the county is an adventure I want to be a part of.
2. What skills, strengths and abilities will make you an effective Assistant Principal? As a teacher I have strength of flexibility, knowledge, and drive to see my students succeed not only in standard based lesson, but in life, to become contributing members of society. I am very personable and approachable person. I love being able to help others and think of out of the box solutions. Listening and looking for input and seeing all sides of the story to reflect a positive outcome. Being an assistant principal you come into contact with many people, parents, students,…

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