Being A Sailor During World War II Essay

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A Trip to the Past Being a sailor during World War II was an emotional roller coaster. Herb Hanson, now 92 served during World War II. Growing up in central Minnesota, with loving parents, eight brothers and sisters, he left to fight a war, that he at the time didn’t fully understand. Herb was the only sibling to serve during the second great war. Listening to his stories, I felt like I was there in the middle of the war myself. The reason of this paper is to give you a glimpse at what it would of been, including what it would have felt like to be a soldier in one of the great wars. Knowing that it was a possibility that he would be serving was brought to the attention of Herb Hanson, the day he learned about Pearl Harbor, three brief years later came his time to serve. Herb, was 19 years of age, when he learned about being drafted into the United States’s Naval force. Serving from 1944-1947, Herb obtained a chance to fight against the Japanese, as well as serving back in the homeland after the war ended. Serving aboard the USS Rainier, an AE-5 ship, that was primarily used for water battles and to haul ammunition. Though Herb was not given an actual gun to fire in the line of battle, the ship he was on was used in the line of battle, so in several ways his ship was his weapon during the war, but it did have guns to use all together, there were 15 guns aboard the ship. For most of the time Herb served near the Philippines, but also spent much of time near Okinawa. Due to…

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