Being A Homeowner Made Sense Essay examples

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Being a homeowner made sense. I had a tangible investment to see for my hard work. I wanted to spend my early adult life investing so that I would be secure later on in my life. It was what I could control. I knew I could rely on myself. I wanted to expand my home business and open a commercial salon. I decided to search for a commercial building. I wanted full control of the situation and didn’t want or need a partner or middle man. I would remain self-employed control my destiny. By being frugal, I’d pay off my real estate purchases. Driving down Colorado Avenue, I called the number on the first building for sale. The realtor told me Planned Parenthood just purchased that building, but their old place was for sale. I had already saved $5k for the down payment. I called my mom to join the realtor and I for a celebration lunch, but my mom thought I was crazy. “Why do you want to take such a risk? You don’t have to buy a building, just rent one. I can’t help you when anything goes wrong, and you know it will.” She didn’t talk me out of my investment, or join us for lunch. I didn’t have family to help, but figured it out. Soon word got out, several of Shampoo’s staff approached me. The women had walked out of Mike’s salon, wanting to work for me. I owned a building, but no salon was in it. Again, the barter system made business possible. The stylist’s husbands installed sinks and vinyl and in a week I had an operating salon. I would…

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