Being A Clinician Sounds Interesting Essay

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Being a Clinician Sounds Interesting As we have gone through class this semester I have thought about this assignment but never knew exactly whom I wanted to interview for it because I am not 100% sure what I would like to do in my future. I recently thought about what I have enjoyed about this class and it got me to ponder through many of the interesting things we discussed, I then came to my conclusion that for me, the most interesting thing that we have talked about in class was Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is when people are confusing reality with possible delusions, hallucinogens, and strange abnormal thinking. For some reason I find this subject quite interesting because not many people have it which makes it rare to come by but it is a very complex mental illness. Since I have a keen interest in doing some thing involving schizophrenia I decided to look up the careers that involve it and when I saw all of the fields it was a bit overwhelming. At baseball practice I was talking about this assignment and one of my teammates said, “Hey, my mom helps people who are schizophrenic!” So just like that I knew I had someone to interview. He gave me his mothers phone number and let her know that I would be calling her later to interview her about her job. Her name is Leslee Martin and she is a mom of three children and lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho and is currently a Clinician at the State Hospital in South Blackfoot, Idaho. As a Clinician she works with a variety of patients…

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