Essay about Behaviorism : Behaviorism And Behaviorism

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Behaviorism When individuals hear the word Behaviorism today, they instantly know that it signifies some form of behavior, but what exactly is behaviorism? According to the Dictionary of Psychology, behaviorism is a theory of learning that is based upon the idea that all behaviors are obtained from outside observations and not in thoughts or feelings. In the twentieth century, three important behaviorists John B. Watson, Ivan Pavlov and B.F. Skinner proved that behaviorism is the study of observable behavior, as opposed to internal events such as emotions and thinking (Moore). Although the three behaviorists have their different theories of behaviorism, there ideas are similar. Behaviorism is the study of human behavior and is mainly based on the belief that all human behavior is learned through conditioning of the environment. First, in the Encyclopedia of Psychology it states that many historians of psychology who were aware of Watson’s achievements, credit him to be the “founder” of behaviorism. Behaviorism back tracks to the twentieth century, when many scientists were interested in defining what behaviorism was. Not only was Watson given the credit for being the founder, but compared to the other two behaviorists, he performed experiments on humans. Behaviorism in the nineteenth century was known to have been about inner thinking and not observed behavior (Leahey and Krasner 99). However, Watson did not deny the existence of inner experiences, but he insisted that…

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