Behavioral Components Essay

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Ataraxia Burns
City University of New York
School of Professional Studies
Organizational Behavior

Week 5

1. Which of Schwartz’s ten values are driving the behavior of managers at Bain & Co., Home Depot, and Best Buy? Provide examples to support your conclusions.
In the case of Home Depot, Benevolence and Universalism was one of the most salient values being exhibited – there is loyalty on behalf of Frank Blake towards is team in wanting to take care of them during the market downturn by lowering the sales and profit targets that hourly employees were to meet to receive bonuses. It translated in a great response that generated a higher amount of achievement by the staff than ever before, here we see Security
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They acknowledge it by addressing it with their employees. In both cases, there is communication happening. Home Depot does it by boosting morale via the extension of restricted stock grants to assistant store managers – this level of management normally has no access to these grants; it helps get a broader section involved - the people on the sales floor who in turn can deliver the news of , lowered sales and profit targets for their hourly employees; Best Buy sets up online surveys soliciting ideas for cost cutting and involving their team in the solution.

4. Use Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior (Figure 6-3) to analyze how managers can increase employee performance during a recession. Be sure to explain what managers can do to affect each aspect of the theory.
To increase employee performance during a recession, managers need to modify their teams behavior by recognizing that it is through intentions that their behavior can be modified. By changing their attitude (intent) – reinforcing their sense of job security, their ability to prosper at the company helps a great deal. When a team is faced with uncertainty, many opt to leave or just give up and be difficult.The next step is to allow the employees have a say in changes in job processes to enahce performance and even in determining goals. Finally, having the team understand that their performance is in their control brings about a change in their intent and ultimately behavior.

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