Essay about Beer Lambert Law Lab

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Beer Lambert Law Lab
The purpose of this lab is to prove the Beer Lambert Law experimentally. The various solutions used for this experiment are tap water mixed with food colouring,
The Beer Lambert Law shows the relation between absorbance of light of an object, the molar absorptivity, the concentration of the substance, and the distance the light travels. The Beer Lambert Law states that there is a linear relationship between the concentration of a solution and the absorbance of said solution. If there is a linear relation, the resulting graph should be a straight line. If the graph is a straight line, this would prove the Beer Lambert Law and fulfill the purpose of this lab. This experiment involves tap
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Calculation: y = 0.008x – 0.0611
0.36 = 0.008x – 0.0611
(0.36 + 0.0611)/0.008 = x
X = 52.6375% +/- 6.25%
X = 53% Concentration
Therefore, the concentration of the unknown solution is 53%.
Results & Discussion:
The relation between absorbance and concentration of the solution is linear as can be seen on the graph. This is fits with

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