Essay about Becoming A Therapist Is Like Any Other Profession

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Becoming a therapist is like any other profession with its pros and cons, hardships and success. One of the ways it affects the counselor is in their own personal relationships. For myself, I have re-evaluated some of the people in my life and realized they are pulling me down with them. Others were holding me back form becoming aware of my full potential. I have learned to let go of these relationships, although not always easy, it was necessary for my own growth. On the other hand I have let in relationships which have been supportive and healthy. It has been a sort of “cleaning house” experience in my relationships. Kottler mentions Freud’s suggestion of treating ourselves, as therapist, to therapy every five years. I can recall my interview with a practicing therapist my first year of graduate work. She had stressed the importance of keeping herself emotionally stable through attending counseling twice a year. Personally, I can see the need for keeping myself as clear as possible from any issues that may arise from either triggers in dealing with clients or things in my life. I have already experienced a trigger working as an intern when I met with a teen going through her parents divorce. In another instance, a middle aged woman came in discussing her problems dating after divorce, both of these clients pulled at something very real to me. There will be many more circumstances that will parallel my own experiences, and if they have not…

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