Becoming A Teacher 's Personal Philosophy Essay

1926 Words Aug 2nd, 2016 8 Pages
When I was first presented this task of interviewing another educator, I was apprehensive because the concepts that are being addressed in the prompts are so important to a teacher’s personal teaching philosophy. These prompts almost appeared to be questions that one might hear at a job interview for a teaching position. I did not at first want to subject a colleague to these questions, as they require so much deeper though and inquiry from the teacher. That is why I first answered the questions myself. I feel that the responses to these questions are the center for a teacher’s approach to culturally responsive teaching.
As an English Language Learner educator, I felt that these were questions that I had not had the time to specifically address thoroughly and feel that I have grown as an educator by answering these questions through this assignment. However, since it is the summer and I was curious about the feelings of my colleagues on these matters, I informally posted the questions on my Facebook to see how my colleagues really felt about these issues. The first person to respond fully to these questions was Educator A. He is an educator who I have the utmost respect and admiration for, as I am a new teacher. I was intrigued by his responses as we have had numerous conversations about cultural responsive teaching as I developed my ELL curriculum this past year.
In response to the first question, “What does diversity mean to you?” Educator A mentions that various aspects…

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