Becoming A Teacher Is A Career Path Essay

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Becoming a teacher is a career path I came across while working for the Realizing Amazing Potential (R.A.P.) before and after school program. In my undergraduate program I always knew I wanted to working with children, but it was a challenge for me to choose one career path I felt my work would make a difference. The defining moment for my career was the passion I found working with special need students, and the hard work to help them succeed academically. Being part of the education growth for students with special needs helped me find the career path I fell in love with, and knew I wanted to continue to advance my education in the field. The passion of helping students with special needs is a career I love and allows me to want to continue to grow as an individual to help students.
My interest in special education began while I was working for the R.A.P. program, which allowed me to work with diverse students. I have been with the program for nine years, and it has helped me grow in the career path when working with students with special needs. In the after school program the students I worked with were diverse, which allowed me to learn how to work with the students and their needs. One year, I had a student that was diagnosed with Autism, the parents and school worked together to support the student. Being part of the team to help the student enhance his way of learning, and the transition to a different class is when I realized I wanted to work in the special…

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