Reflection On Becoming A Member Of Love You Like A Sister Inc.

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1. No, I have not previously applied to become a member of Love You Like A Sister Inc.

2. Being an applicant for this organization I can bring Determination, Optimism, Passion, and Good team work.

3. In Five Years, I see myself at Howard University dental school where I will obtain either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.). I also look forward to start my own non-profit organization

4. LYLAS is the perfect organization for me to join because this organization is about uplifting the community which I enjoy doing. In previous years, I have had a lot of community involvement such as being an active volunteer at the Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center for two years where I worked in various
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My strengths are that I am a great listener although many people have different problems I am good at giving advice. My weakness is holding in things will I am upset you would most likely know that something is wrong with me because of my face expressing. Although this is my weakness I continue to work on making myself a better person on the daily basis. For example when I know a situation is about to make me upset I either walk away or listen to music, something like music therapy which has helped me in many ways.

6. I have heard a lot of positive things about this organization how the members are always there to help and support each other with different things. Members of this organization are not afraid to give feedback they are friendly, honest, and they are true to their own character.

7. My biggest fear was to not make it to college because no one in my intermitted family has been. Growing up my family has always believed in the power of education and throughout my life emphasized its importance. Although it was difficult dealing with my personal problems it has not stop me from being the best woman I am today. I walk with my head held high and I start to believe in myself more. I start to tell myself that many things in life happens for a reason and if God wants you to be in a place he will put you there. With that being said I stop letting the things around me affect the person I will become in the future I start to
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• Smart- I am a Bill Gates millennium Scholar and You may always see me in the computer lab
• Diligent - I am the type of person that will give someone my last 9. I should be picked as a member of LYLAS because I am a fun, friendly, and active person. Although I have encountered many setbacks in life but with the support of my mother and family I have emerged a stronger person. I will continue to uphold all the positive values this organization holds.

10. If I was considered a member of LYLAS I would like to implement a service project to help homeless animals. Growing up I had a dog until one day he destroyed our home after that I never had a pet while maybe a pet fish which never live to see two weeks. Growing up in improvised neighborhoods I always seen owners a banned their Cats and Dogs. This event will be called “One Love One Home” This event we will bring together young children and we will remodel and paint small cages for homeless animals. This event will be located at a local elementary school once project is completed we will take it to a animal shelter near

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