Becoming A Doctor From The United States Essay

778 Words Mar 21st, 2016 4 Pages
In life, nothing good comes easy. I decided to become a doctor from the start because I was always inspired by being the health fields. Along the line, I was opportune to have nursing education during which I saw a nurse perform deliveries without the doctor. This really changed my mindset and made me see nursing from a different perspective. I saw it as a professional course that was unique compared to other professional programs. I decided to make nursing my goal and so far I haven 't regretted it.
On the 4th of June 2013, I entered into the United States of America with no knowledge of what to do. I felt like an outcast, but I wanted the best for myself, I wanted to get into the best nursing school, get the best knowledge and reach my goal of being a family nurse practitioner.
When I arrived, I had to settle down and so I started working at different warehouses to settle down fast. After working for a while, I got admission into Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis in 2014; this was a dream came through; now I had to work hard to get the requirements needed to get into nursing school.
I tried hard and finally got results that put me on the Dean 's list. Unfortunately, I didn 't get into nursing school for the May/June session, 2015/2016. Fortunately, I got to the December/January session, 2015/2016. My main goal in life is a family nurse practitioner. This means furthering my studies into the masters and Ph.D. program. These are very expensive programs…

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