Beck's Theory of Postpartum Depression Essay

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Beck's Theory of postpartum depression
Theory is an attempt to explain the world around us. It is defined as a set of concepts, definitions, and propositions that projects a view of phenomena by designating specific interrelationships among concepts for purposes of describing, explaining and predicting phenomena. In the world of healthcare the nurse through the understanding of theories attempt to explain why nurses do what they do. Nursing theories are the creative products of nurses who seek to thoughtfully describe relationships and interactions that exist within nursing practice (Ingram, 2009).
Nursing theorist Cheryl Tatano Beck (1949- present) developed a middle-rang theory that focused on postpartum depression (PPD). Beck
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As a prenatal nurse in a community care center setting, Beck’s theory broadened my views on PPD and how women have different interpretations of this experience. It made clear that women need to have the opportunity to express the negative feelings they may have as to their new role as mother; this will allow for them to work through any guilt or grief they may be experiencing.
Nurses in the obstetrical field need to realize that before a client would seek help from healthcare professionals, mothers have to overcome their fear of being labeled and stigmatized. To help the mother cope, support from healthcare professionals as well as friends and family is primary and can be accomplished through education on PPD for everyone involved (Alligood & Tomey, 2006).
View’s of Beck’s Theory
In reviewing Beck’s theory of postpartum depression, assumptions of her theory include that her beliefs on nursing consists of interpersonal interactions as professionals with the purpose of accomplishing optimum health of an individual. Each person should be perceived as a whole consisting of biological, sociological and psychological components, and care should be a holistic approach. Beck noted that a women’s health is in response to the content of their lives and that all contexts should be understood, including their

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