Because It Is Running Essay

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A: Because It Is Running By

”She smelled of soap and gorse flowers, of sunlight and bracken and earth, things living, things dying, things continuing in the same way”. These are the lines which end “Because It Is Running By” written by Jo Lloyd in 2009. In few words the last part of the extract summits the situation of the main character Wil and what the author wishes to criticize. While times go by and things live and die, his social background ties him to the spot where he was born, and he is forced to be the onlooker as things continue in the same way time after time.

”Because It Is Running By” is told by a 3rd person narrator with a limited omniscient point of view starting from the main character Wil. The action takes place
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Like Wil, the portrayed man looks out of the window and watch the surrounding world, but something keeps him in his room, and the dove symbolizing freedom flies away.
On the other hand there are indications in the text which suggest that Edie feels the other way round. On page 6 l. 171 she says: “ I think you are where you are” to Wil. She can’t explain what it means but stresses that it is a good thing. On account of the information we get of her past and her wish to go to Morocco it seems as though she has trouble staying and commit herself to a place. Consequently Wil’s life might seem tempting.
Against a background of the analysis the themes of “Because It Is Running By” are stagnation, commitment and dreams of another life. By writing this story Jo Lloyd illustrates and criticizes how the social differences creates different opportunities in life.
B: Jo Lloyd’s style of writing Jo Lloyd’s style of writing can be expressed as scenic. The characters don’t express their feelings directly to the reader, but their actions, reactions and comments form an impression of their character. The scenic representation creates a wealth of images in the mind of the reader and makes the story more real and relevant to the reader. In addition to this she also uses some figures of speech to create images in the readers mind. An example can be found on page 4 line 107: “She was warm like the stored heat of the sun”. Furthermore, Jo Lloyd uses a great amount of

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