Bec-V Written Exercise Essay

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写信的原则(Writing Principles)已从原来的3(Conciseness, Clearness, Courtesy)发展到目前的7个"C":

Completeness, Clearness, Concreteness, Conciseness, Correctness, Courtesy,Consideration)


Dear Sirs,

Copper Wire

With reference to your letter of April 9, we are pleased to accept your offer of 100 tons of Copper Wire as per your Offer Sheet No.8/070/02B. Please go ahead and apply for your Export License. As soon as we are informed of the number of the Export License we will open the L/C by cable.


关于你们四月九日涵,我们高兴地接受你们第8/070/02B号报盘单所报100吨紫色铜丝。请着手办理申请出口许可证。 一经接到出口许可证号码的通知,当即电开信用证。

要求书信的"完整", 理由有三:

1. 一封完整的书信比一封不完整的书信,有更大的可能性带来预期的效果;

2. 一封完整的书信,有助于建立和表达友善关系;

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较好: They informed Messrs. John & Smith that latter would receive an answer in a few days.

(四)注意前后一致和紧凑,连贯 不一致:Being a certified public accountant, I am sure you can help us. 一致: Being a certified public accountant, you can surely help us. or; As you are a certified public accountant, I am sure you can help us.
五)仔细和恰当地分段落(Paragraphing)商业书信要写得使人一读就明白,因此必须按照内容仔细和恰当的分段落,一般的分段落原则是一个段落一个意思(A paragraph for each point is a good general rule.). 现举例说明:

Dear Sirs,

It is reported in a domestic newspaper that the Iranian Central Bank has instructed the commercial banks to suspend their business of opening a new letter of credit as from the 3rd May for financial reason of foreign currency. Although it is said that this arrangement would be a temporary one and with establishment of new import policy this emergency arrangement would be lifted, we are much concerned about the outcome of this movement toward restriction of import to Iran and shall be obliged if you will kindly keep us well advised of development of this new arrangement especially in connection with import from France.

Yours faithfully,

以上这封信只有一段,供两句。第一句39字,第二句66句。 读后虽然能基本了解其内容, 但读起来很舒服。信的内容大体有三点: 1. 伊朗中央银行因外汇原因,通知个商业银行从五月三日起停止开立信用证; 2. 这临时措施,新的进口政策一订,这个措施可能取消; 3. 希望对方随时告之有关情况。 按照这三点,适当地分分段落,把信重新改写一下,可能读起来比原来的清楚易懂:

Dear Sirs,

It is reported in a vernacular newspaper that the Iranian Central Bank has

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