Beavan Chapter Summary

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Beavan’s first main point is doing the no impact man project by having no environmental impact while living in New York. He says that determination is the key in doing this and decides not to give up. Beavan then says to use alternative (green) products to replace harmful items like using cloth diapers for his baby girl. He then talks about waste and how it relates to human history. Saying that garbage bags are black and not see through because people don’t want to see their “shame.” Beavan then shares his disgust of plastic bags and tells people of France using reusable bags for groceries. The last point that is in chapter five, is that he is reducing his carbon foot print by canceling family trips and riding or biking ro work with his wife. …show more content…
He is successful because keeps doubting himself, but still sticks to it and shares his stories through the book and the book is selling and a movie was made based on the book to show its popularity. I would describe this book’s structure as a journal narrative. He is talking in the first person and sharing his story about making no impact. Yet, he also talks about different examples of being green and other topics that relates to the story, but has no direct connection. This is like a story that also has someone’s thoughts in the mix of it like from a diary or journal. It is effective because it still is a story, that provides deep insight of being green and on how to reduce our carbon foot prints by using his

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