Essay on Beauty Pageants Should Not Be Public

835 Words Nov 25th, 2016 4 Pages
The glitz and glamour look is an expectation from little girls entering the pageant world. Thousands of girls are forced into joining pageants by obsessive-winning parents who are not informed properly about the scandalous world of beauty pageants. Parents need to understand the consequences of joining child pageants and how they teach children to become ignorant and conceited.
Extracurricular activities look amazing when applying for colleges but, they can become excessively time consuming. Time is precious to pageant parents which require an abundance amount of time to look for the perfect stylist, outfits, and coaches. Parents unfortunately, let the pageants take over their lives resulting in pulling their children out of school and home schooling them which allows them to focus mainly on pageants. Pageant moms have “candidly admitting that they encourage activity over education” they of course let pageants interfere with their child 's education (Cartwright). Beauty pageants should not be the main focus in children’s lives instead they need to focus on academics, therefore, parents should limit the time their children spend on extracurricular activities such as pageants. Girls are mind are developing at the ages of 0-16 and are prone to learning skills that stick with them throughout their adulthood such as obsessing over winning. Pageants are all about winning and that 's what young girls strive for when competing. Winning requires hard work, however, they receive…

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