Beauty Has Become A Major Topic Of Interest Essay

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n today 's society beauty has become a major topic of interest. There is a current uproar of controversy regarding the varying types, including that of natural versus cosmetic beauty. Although both are excellent choices, they are two completely different sides of the make-up industry. Both cosmetic and natural beauty have their perks, but to decide which is best for the customer depends on their price range, the overall look they are hoping to achieve, and how their skin is going to look and feel after the day is over. Natural beauty is easier on the wallet and easier to achieve. Depending on how natural the customer wants to look will cause the overall cost to vary. One of the perks of natural beauty is that a naked face without any trace of make-up is completely free! How much easier on the wallet could it get? "Natural beauty is the beauty that god gave you." (Natural beauty vs. Cosmetic beauty, para 1). A natural look with some make-up does not go much further than applying a light layer of foundation and some mascara and lip gloss. Those three products from a local drug store will not cost more than a few dollars. Natural beauty will also have great results on your skin. Due to the lack of make-up, the customer 's skin will be able to breathe freely and clearly. The patron "generally wakes up, washes their face, and might throw on a little lipstick or eyeliner." said Jennifer Goldstein (para 3) when asked for tips on how to perfect the natural look. Their pores will…

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