Beatrice Coron : An Artist Essay

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It’s been hard to choose between such great artists, but for this paper I will be writing about Beatrice Coron. Coron is an artist that is specialized in cutting paper. By using paper and an acto knife she can create amazing pieces of art, that deluxe anybody who looks at it. It is like when kids cut paper man, but instead of simple figures, she can create big pieces of art, including any type of design that she wishes to include. Beatrice Coron was born and raised in France. She attended Art School in Lyon, but after not liking the way of teaching that they had there she dropped out and went to experience life, as she herself stated. Shen then moved to United States of America, and started to choose the path of paper cutting. “I realized starting so late that I wouldn’t have time to master any particular medium or genre, and paper-cutting seemed to me so direct. It’s good, fast, cheap and light.”

Now days she not only works with paper, but instead she tried other different mediums. Those include stone, metal, glass, rubber and digital media. Her works are all over the world, and can be found in important museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in New York. But her art is not only in museums, she also makes public art, and it can be seen in airports, subways, sports facilities, and even in taxis of New York.

The art of paper cutting was originated in China, many Centuries ago. It then was transferred to the European culture. This type…

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