The Beatles Influence On American Culture Essay

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Throughout the ages, music has impacted the lives of people from all different regions of the world. For hundreds of years, multiple genres and styles have influenced the culture, emotions and morality of the constantly changing generations. Although there are popular trends that can be traced back to certain time periods and regions of the world, music has stayed constant. It has become a way for people to express themselves through an art that although it may not be relatable for all, can be understood through lyrics and rhythms by many. A musical group famous for changing society was the Beatles. The Beatles changed the way of life for those living in Britain during the 1960s.
On the day that the Beatles arrived in New York, thousands of
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Whenever the Beatles said something publically, it took off. People would agree with them and like and do whatever they did. The turning point in which people still loved the Beatles but did not agree with their views was when they all said that none of them believed in God. Most people who were atheists would hide it, because most people believed in God, but the Beatles did not get that memo. They could not believe how Americans were so fixated about God. In an interview with Maureen Cleave, she asked John a much unexpected question. Her question was about his thoughts on religion. John thought about the question for a few seconds, then came back and answered with “We’re more popular than Jesus now”. This remark did not get noticed much in England, but when the Beatles were about to go on their third tour to North America, which happened to be their last tour, the interview was reprinted in an American teen magazine. The magazine not only reprinted John’s response, it got published on the cover. In America, John’s remark caused a big uproar, especially in the South known as the Bible Belt. Many religious leaders spoke out about the Beatles, Beatles music was banned from the radio stations, and huge bonfires were held to burn Beatles merchandise. In the end, the Beatles decided to go ahead and do the tour. During it, John met with the American press and apologized for his remark. “I just said what I said and it was wrong, or was taken wrong, and now it’s all

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