Case Study: Bayer

1) Bayer is a global enterprise with companies in almost every country around the world. They have been recognized globally for their dedication and commitment to their employees, the environment and charitable contributions. The profile I have highlighted is the Canadian sector. This company provides multiple employee benefits; tuition and family planning subsidies, and moving expense when employees choose to move to cities globally where new location are due to open. The extensive list of employee perks is extensive and begins here:
Medical benefits- As part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 95% of the premiums, the plans are flexible and can be customized depending on the level of coverage and employee wishes. Included in the
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Several of the benefits focus on the Family such as paid parental leave and in vitro fertilization subsidies, but for those employees without children or who are single there does not appear to be the same consideration. Bayer needs to provide a more balanced benefit program, possibly allowing children who take care of elderly parents to include them in their medical coverage, or increased reimbursement for gym memberships, subsidies for participating in sports team. For employees who do not take sick days perhaps they could earn an additional paid day …show more content…
The Brothers do not need to be aware of everything that is happening in the company but a weekly or bi-weekly touch point for all managers in similar department across the country via conference call could identify best practices and other cost saving measures. A monthly conference call with their overseas subsidiaries in addition to a semi annual face to face meeting could keep the brothers well informed. How can they know how the company is doing and what the company occurs if they only check in 4 times a year? The overseas subsidiaries are not the only location the Wilson’s should be visiting they should make a visit separately or together to each one of their locations a minimum of once a year. Consequently, profits are not the sole issue facing this organization such as, succession planning, ways to improve sales and production, loss of profit share and competition. The meetings can easily be set up online in a virtual environment with an app like “go to meeting.” The saving to the to the company could be a minimum of $120,000 a year in travel cost. Money could be earmarked for bonuses or employee rewards like transportation, day care, health plans or paid sick

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