The CIA: The Bay Of Pigs Invasion

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I. The Bay Pigs Invasion was a covert operation conducted by the CIA and the U.S. Government in the 1960’s. The operation took place in Cuba and ended being a complete failure which led to the cover up by the CIA saying that the U.S. had no part in the invasion at all even though it was completely their plan. At the time president John. F Kennedy had agreed to come up with the funds to go through with the invasion. A poor landing site, unfavorable decisions regarding air strikes, and poor government communication were all reasons for The Bay of Pigs failure.

II. The U.S. started recruiting Anti-Castro Cuban exiles from the Miami area around April of 1960.

A. About 1,500 Cuban exiles were trained until July of 1960 to prepare for their mission.
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They returned the Cuban exiles back to U.S. in exchange for 62.5 million dollars in food, medicine and machinery. The invaders who were captured did not return to the U.S. for 20 months and were held in terrible conditions.

IV. There were various reasons for The Bay of Pigs failure.

A. Prior warnings of the invasion were one of the reasons for failure.
1. The Cuban security apparatus already knew the invasion was coming via the secret intelligent network so they were ready at all times for invasion.
2. KGB Agents also knew the exact date of the invasion and warned Cuba this was one of the reasons why Cuba became such good allies with The Soviet Union.
B. The second air strike that was called off was one of many reasons for failure.
1. If the second air strike wouldn’t have been called off the planes that were used to destroy the U.S. ships with supplies on it would have not been destroy and it could have made the mission more successful.
2. It would have also provided cover from above the beach taking out Cuban vehicles and troops.
C. The Change in the landing site was also another reason for The Bay of Pigs failure.
1. Trinidad was the original landing site, because of the large amount of anti-Castro citizens. Invading that location would have struck and uprising within the Cuban
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The CIA tried to cover up cover up The Bay of Pigs. The CIA hid a lot of information from America most of the files from The Bay of Pigs were either burned of locked away. They tried as hard as they could to keep it away from the press. A. The CIA was trying to make the JFK look bad because they knew how badly The Bay of Pigs was going to turn out. 1. JFk had to follow through with the operation because If he would have called it off there would be 1,400 angry Cuban exiles that would have invaded a U.S. controlled city such as Guatemala it would have been an embarrassment to the Kennedy organization and also a waste of money on supplies and equipment for the Cuban exiles. B. If The Bay of Pigs invasion succeeded it would have been an even bigger disaster than it already was causing nuclear war with the Soviets. The U.S. was already in the cold war it didn’t need any more problems with The Soviet

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