Battle Royal By Ralph Ellison Essay

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Written in 1947 by Ralph Ellison, the short story “Battle Royal, takes place during a time of racial inequality. The author portrays this struggling journey through the narrator throughout the short story. The grandfather tells the narrator to, “Live with your head in the lion’s mouth”(226) and that’s exactly what he does. In Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison the narrator, a young and unique African American boy is “always running”, maintaining an unbelievable pace even though he is constantly bombarded with racial slurs. The narrator stays mentally impenetrable and will make it to the finish line. Symbolizing more than just a constant struggle and excellent mental stability, but the evolving roles of African Americans and he is able to bring the readers along with him on his journey. Overall throughout the story the narrator is strong willed. He is capable of holding in his feelings even though he knows the difference between right and wrong. As a reader I fell like the author, Ralph Ellison, was undermining the entire white population during this time period. The narrator is not only treated unfairly, but he is evolving from his grandfather’s generation. The narrator saw his grandfather as a normal man who was desperate for equality, but when the narrator finds out his grandfather was, “ a spy in the enemy’s country ever since I gave my gun back in the Reconstruction”(226), it enlightens him and he feels compelled to make a step towards equality. The narrator see’s his…

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