Battle Of Vimy Ridge Analysis

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War. Battles are not always fought with guns and blood, it can be a fight for different ideas, necessity and equality, which can be seen through Canada’s history. Canada has continues to positively impact issues concerning human rights and equality on an international scale from the early 1900s to the present day by setting a good example for other countries to follow. Some significant events such as the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the Person’s Case and bringing home the constitution and the charter of rights prove this to be true.

There are many battles that could demonstrate Canada fighting for human rights, but the Battle of Vimy Ridge explicitly portrays how important it is. The Battle of Vimy Ridge happened in April 1917 and lasted 3 days (Historica
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The constitution is important for Canada to have as it can render invalid or inoperative any laws that are inconsistent with it (Government of Canada,2014). Since Canada claimed its constitution, it was fully independent of Britain, this means it could manage its own relations with other nations. So if Britain went to war, Canada would not have to follow suit because of the constitution. Also, the charter provided an equal law applying to all Canadians. Not only has it provided equality rights but it created recognition and enforcement of the rights of many minority and disadvantaged groups(Government of Canada,2014). Since these rights were applied to everyone in Canada, it provided less chance of biased laws(unfair treatment) and more equality in the nation. In addition, this event has influenced not just Canadian law but jurisprudence and the drafting of constitutions around the world these findings are consistent with the work of many other scholars. In a study done by law professors, they found that between 1946 and 2006, the primary source of inspiration for constitution-making was Canada. Not only was the overall global constitutional trend found to be one of increasing similarity to the Canadian constitution, but also the leading influence on Israel 's basic laws and the bill of rights of Hong Kong, South Africa and New Zealand (Daniel Schwartz,2012). This goes to prove that Canada’s constitution is having many effects on other countries. Consequently, the constitution and the charter of rights and freedoms resulted in a major impact on the promotion and protection of human rights. To conclude, the constitution and the charter of rights and freedoms was critical to show how involved Canada was.

Ultimately, Canada has been successful in proving to the world, the worth of human and equality rights from the early 1900s to the

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