battery technology Essay

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Technology Essay
Only once in a lifetime will a new invention come about to touch every aspect of our lives. An important technology integrated into our society and around theworld is the invention of the Battery. Among many inventions of our modernworld, the battery stands out as an amazing on going development with its effect on almost every portable electric powered device. An electrical battery is acombination of one or more electrochemical cells, used to convert storedchemical energy into electrical energy.The primary, and arguably most noble, intent of the battery is to assist inmankinds pursuit of practicality. Electricity had always fascinated human kindsince our ancestors first witness of lightning. In ancient
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From 1780 to about 1786, Luigi Galvani observed that when pieces of iron and brass are connected to frog's legs, he got them to twitch. This started the interest in what was known as voltaic electricity, after Alessandro Volta. From 1796-1799 he experimented with such elements as Zinc and Silver and invented what was known as the fi
In this highly technological world with advanced machines, electronics have been woven into almost every aspect of everyday life. Batteries are integrated into the majority of any electric appliance found in the home and work place, and therefore could be titled as one of the most important tools to ever be invented. The knowledge of how batteries operate is substantial to understanding the basics of any electrical contraption.

The first evidence of batteries was dated to be from in the neighborhood of 250B.C. These ancient batteries were discovered in archaelogical digs in Baghdad, Iraq. These antiquated batteries were used in simple operations to electroplate objects with a thin layer of metal, much the same way we plate things with gold and silver. Much later, batteries were re-discovered in 1800 by a man named Alessandro Volta. The electrical unit of potential was named after him-the volt. Alessandro Volta was born in 1745 and died in 1827, and in this time period he re-produced one of the most important parts of life. He developed the battery by

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