Bastard Out Of Carolina By Dorothy Allison Essay

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Every year, more than three million children are abused and these numbers only count for cases that have been reported in the United States ( Bastard Out of Carolina, written by Dorothy Allison, tells the story of young Bone as she learns to navigate her life after being sexually and physically abused by her stepfather, Glen Waddell. Bone is born into the Boatwright family to Anney Boatwright and an unknown father. Bone and her mothers’ future is indirectly affected by the words “illegitimate” that are stamped on her birth certificate. After failed attempts to try and legitimize Bone’s existence, Anney tried to find a good man to marry so she can lift this burden off of herself and marries Glen, a man from a well to do family and mutual friend of Anney’s brother, Earle Boatwright. Their relationship starts off well, but troubles come up causing Glen to become stressed and take his anger out on six-year-old Bone by molesting her while Anney is in the hospital giving birth. The abuse escalates and he starts to physically abuse her which later results in Bone spending time in the hospital. The novel concludes with Glen raping 13-year old Bone, and Anney leaving her daughter to pursue a life with Glen. The novel deals with delicate issues such as the cycle of abuse and how this affects a child’s coming of age. The cycle of abuse includes three stages: the tension building phase, acute battering episode, and the honeymoon phase. In Bastard Out of Carolina,…

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