Essay about Baseball

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Perception: Baseball Ever since I was a child, baseball has been a passion and love of mine. I would watch the Mets play every night on TV. with my family ever since I could remember. On the hot summer days, we would bring the TV. outside and watch the games until the stars were shinning over us. Playing baseball was also something I did almost every day too, whether it is in my back yard with my older cousins or parents or on the baseball field during a game. When I was young I loved the game and played more for the love of the game but as I grew older, I began to understand the game and pay close attention t hw my teammates played and my opponents as well. Baseball has now turned into somewhat of a class now for me. I try and …show more content…
If the hitter’s hands are below the ball, a fly out is almost a guarantee. Another situation is if the pitcher is staring down at a power hitter that likes to extend his arms, a good inside fastball or a 2 seam with good tailing action on it is probably the way to pitch to him. A pitch over the plate or outside will allow the hitter to wreak havoc on the pitcher because a strong solid swing with extended arms is asking for trouble almost all the time. While watching a game I look to see when the pitchers landing foot lands and where the pitcher is in his delivery. The common rule of thumb is when the foot lands, the throwing hand should be out of the glove and ready to fire. Many watch the game of baseball because their team is on the TV but I watch to observe the pitchers. No matter who is throwing, they know what they are doing and they are good at it because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be playing in the bigs. What most do not realize about pitching is that it is all timing. Each pitcher has their own groove. Pitchers have a certain flow throughout their delivery that ensures they are going through their motion smoothly and are getting the most out of every pitch they throw. If a pitcher opens his hips too early, his arm will be lagging behind him and will not get through causing the ball be thrown wildly. If it’s a righty on the bump, the ball will be inside to a righty and outside to a lefty. If the

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