Baseball : The Golden Age Of Sports Essay

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Do you hear about baseball in daily life? Have you ever done minor league baseball? Have you watched a World Series game? In the 1920’s, baseball athletics augmented greatly, due the Great War that drove people to social adjustment and wanting to pursue a leisure life. The 1920’s were such a booming age of sports that the title “The Golden Age of Sports” was given to it. Baseball in the 1920’s launched a foundation to current baseball, though media popularity and leagues of the roaring twenties and today differ due to more advanced technology and social change, the rules and foundation of baseball have essentially remained the same due to tradition. First, baseball captured attention to America throughout the roaring twenties. “Three strikes, you’re out!” Many American’s heard this when they gathered around the radios to listen, cheer, or mourn over their favorite professional baseball team. These broadcasts made star athletes like Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb, have names that would not be forgotten (Alchin). Millions of fans would anxiously listen in, as an announcer would read an inning-by-inning summary of the big game. In the year 1920, the radio broadcasted a result that everyone heard, the Cleveland Indians beating the Brooklyn Robins by three points. For the first time ever, this information roared across the nation, making baseball a ‘big hit’ for the 1920s (Walker 4). If someone missed the big game on the radio, no worries, there would be a big headline on the sports…

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