Baseball History : America 's Pastime Essay

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Baseball during this time period was a newer addition to the American culture. It became called “America’s Pastime,” the game itself was played by everyone, young and old. It was a shock to the American society to find that eight of the 1919 Black Sox players were suspects of accepting money from gamblers to throw the World Series away. It is considered today as one of the biggest scandals in Major League Baseball history, along with the Pete Rose cheating scandal. As for the trial, some parts were fair, but they were treated to harshly at the time being. The 1919 World Series was played between the Chicago White Sox (Black Sox), and the Cincinnati Reds. The White Sox were predicted to win the World Series in an easy fashion according to many reporters. The White Sox were approached by gamblers who wanted to bet on the White Sox losing, since everyone believed that they were going to win; it was an easy concept, the more people bet on them winning and if they lose more money would be given to the group that betted on a loss. Getting the players involved was key, if the players played poorly the group of gamblers would give them money to keep it even and worth playing bad. The White Sox lost the World Series after many obvious mistakes throughout the games. Many speculations went around that the game had been thrown and people wanted an investigation. The White Sox were not investigated until after the next season in September of 1920. The trial started in September…

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