Baseball Games At Comerica Park Essay

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More than 73 million baseball fans attended Major League Baseball games in 2015. Large cities in the United States of America that host baseball teams offer national media and fan bases that generate multi-billion dollar revenues. The average cost of attending a MLB game, for a family of four, is over $200. MLB fans have many choices in concession food and drinks. Detroit Tigers owner Mike Illitch of Little Caesers Pizza owns his own concessions company so don 't expect a variety of pizza offerings at Comerica Park. These revenues enable team owners to hire the best players in the country. Currently the American League and National League consists of 15 teams each. The average value of a Major League Baseball team is $1 billion according to Bloomberg. Media coverage in magazines, newspapers and billboards has brought in sponsors. This attracts players to new financial opportunities including memorabilia and souvenirs. There are large networks of people that trade baseball cards. The late 1990s brought about Internet and website sales. There are businessmen whose sole means of making a living is acquiring autographs and memorabilia from athletes. Corporations like Nike and Rawlings fight to make sure that their logos are seen on the clothing, shoes and gloves used by athletes on the field. There are currently 24 Official Sponsors for MLB. In the late 1990s and into the 21st century, the dugout, the backstops behind home plate, and anywhere…

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