`` Baseball And Writing `` By Marianne Moore Essay

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Throughout college many students have a least favorite subject. The most dreadful subject that many students dislike is poetry. A tough topic that is difficult for a majority of students to understand and analyze is modernist poetry. However, in the twentieth century, one modernist poet understood the concept of how difficult poetry can be. This Famous Poet was named Marianne Moore. Her poems consisted of linguistic precisions and used very descriptive wordings in her writing. Moore’s poems had a theme of common things that had to do with the American lifestyles. Some examples of the American life include baseball, poetry, and Christmas.
Furthermore, Moore writes about the all American sport, baseball. Titled as ‘Baseball and Writing”. She mentions in her writing that because she cannot see a baseball game so relies on the commentator. Which can be similar to writing. When an audience is reading a story, they too have to rely on the writer to understand the story. This gives the audience in both baseball and writing a trill of excitement to read and listen. Throughout the poem Moore uses a lot of similarities between writing and baseball. For example, she writes “yes, it’s work; I want you to bear down, but enjoy it while you’re doing it.” Meaning that she is comparing baseball to writing and how both can be challenging, but he or she should enjoy it. She also uses players from the Yankees team in her writing and compares them to animals. Describing how they play by using…

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