Essay on Bare Minerals vs Pur Minerals

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Bare Minerals versus Pur Minerals Kristina McClary
English 112
March 4, 2010

In the last ten years the cosmetics has transcends from chemical base to natural from foundations and blushes to lip color and eye makeup. Women have many choices in cosmetics brands, such as department specialty discount stores brands. Due to the growing popularity of natural cosmetics in demand specialty cosmetic companies like Bare Minerals and Pur minerals were introduce to answer. Bare Minerals the first to enter the beauty market introduces mineral products in the 1970’s. Pur minerals soon later follow suit along with few other mineral cosmetic companies. The dilemma of choosing the right makeup is one that weights important when seeking a natural
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Another pro is that the foundation gives a natural feel and look for the face. The cons are that the foundations are fine loose powders that can easily spills and that some of the ingredients is reported to cause certain cancers. Most women who purchase Bare Minerals love the natural healthy glow at a reasonable price.
Pur minerals followed bare minerals as one of the leading manufacturers of mineral base makeup. Pur minerals fit for all skin types and also have some skin benefits that helps improves the skin just as bare minerals. Pur minerals are made up of some of the same ingredients as bare minerals with a few additional exceptions. Some of the ingredients listed on the website includes titanium dioxide, mica, boron nitride, bismuth ox chloride, zinc stearate, and among others with the added ingredients of Shea butter and vitamin e. (Beauty Brief, 2009) Pur mineral is a 4 in 1 foundation that acts like concealer, powder that has SPF protection. The ingredients give Pur minerals benefits of providing a pressing blend that gives a natural barrier from the elements.. A Pur mineral is dermatologist recommended for natural makeup that is healthy for the skin. (Pur Minerals Inc, 2010) Pur mineral line consists of many different shades of foundation, eye makeup, blushes, lips and skin care like bare minerals. The simple application of Pur minerals is similar like bare minerals but consist of dipping the brush, draw circles in the foundation and dust of the access

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