Essay about Barbie : My Best Friend

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From a young age to adulthood, everyone remembers their favourite doll, Barbie. Barbie, your friend when o one else was there, your comforter. Barbie was your best friend. You got your first Barbie when you were four, from the moment you first glismped at her, you fell in love. You fell in love with her long blonde hair, skinny body and beauitful hair and makeup. 5You loved how pretty she was. She also had the perfect life, she had a boyfriend ( even though at four,boyfriends don 't mean much), her house and her bright pink car. She has all you could ever want. Your plastic idol. This is where it starts to go wrong. Barbie was so perfect but you wanted more. The average girl between four-eleven owns at least ten Barbies. You spent hours with your Barbies, dressing them up, brushing thier hair, you took her everywhere you went. It 's proven that the more time you spent with something, the more it influences you. She was your role model. You start worrying if you will every lokk as pretty as Barbie. At four you are already becoming worried about your looks. You can hardly count to twenty. From four, you already think that the only was to be happy and beautiful in life is to be like Barbie. If this is the effect on four year olds how will this continue into their teenage years?
An experiment was conducted recently into how Barbie affects children ,of the ages five-seven, in the University of the West of England. over a hundred children looked at books whilst being read a story…

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